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IP Filter and 'all zero' addresses

by notaLamer on 2021/10/08 03:34:35 AM    
Tixati 2.84
I admit I only needed this for testing or in other words: 'hey tixati, stop accepting new connections'

If I load the following, Tixati will report empty aka 0 addresses loaded:
The current workaround is to manually split all the lower half of addresses:
# 128.b.c.h to 255.b.c.h
# manual split
# the subnet will not be included, lacking 16.7M (2^24) addresses

# same as above
# 0000: - 0fff: range not included
IANA's web pages are split about the meaning of
"IANA - Local Identification"
"This network" as per RFC

Though in case of IPv6 there're some definitions inside the 0::/4 range:
Notes 3, 5, 6. Note 4 was deprecated.

Obviously something like won't work because Tixati's processor is smart and will round it down to, as forced by the subnet mask (very cool!)
Finally IP Filter doesn't report anything to the main log about invalid/garbled input like above, just silently does not add "invalid" entries like all zero subnets. (a #line is a comment ok?)

Thank you for sighing at this annoying bug finder of a user!

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