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How to increase the maximum peer connections per seed/download o

by bonjour on 2021/10/06 09:12:15 PM    
Hey there, I was having a seed/download that had multiple thousands of peers available, yet Tixati could only connect to 200 of them due to this setting (Network->Connections->Maximum peer connections per seed/download) and the connection was still pretty slow (below 100KiB/s). Is there a way to increase the maximum number of connections above 200 so that my seed with over 1000 possible peers can have faster speeds?
Is there a different reason Tixati doesn't connect to the right/faster peers?

Many peers will stay unconnected never even attempted to be connected to even when current peers have been disconnected from. Any idea how to fix this?
by notaLamer on 2021/10/07 09:32:42 PM    
Easily reached 10 MB/s with 100 peers connected. You may want to try to increase outgoing connection attempts for TCP/UDP (UDP preferred) to make rotation of dead peers happen quicker. Have fun with the data :)

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