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Please add "do it for all config files" when the "error loading

by tkalfaoglu on 2021/10/03 07:06:32 AM    
When I shut down the machine without stopping tixati, I sometimes get corrupted config files -- all six of them.
It takes many minutes to select "restore the last good copy"  option for all these files.
I wish there was a "do it for all corrupt config files" option in the pop-up..

Yes, I realize I should have shut down tixati first like a good user, but doo-doo happens occasionally.
Many thanks!
by Guest on 2021/10/03 08:46:45 PM    
what OS and what version of tixati?
it seems weird that you would get corrupt files (especially all of them) just because you didnt close it before shutting down.
when my computer crashes and i have to do a hard shutdown and restart, i never get corrupt files.

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