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[feature suggestion] Auto-shutdown when a torrent is complete

by Guest on 2021/09/30 02:23:44 PM    
Currently there is only a Global auto-shutdown option available from the system tray. I would like to suggest a right click option > "Auto-shutdown when selected torrent(s) transfer completed." option.

Along with that a global auto-shutdown implementation change would be very welcome. "When all downloads/transfers Complete" should really mean "When all downloads/transfers which had an activity within the last X amount of time complete."
by ZarkBit on 2021/10/01 12:11:23 PM    
by Guest on 2021/10/02 08:48:19 PM    
@ZarkBit no. The shutdown/exit actions you pointed to are not based on a single (or group of) transfer's activity or status.

For example if there is a transfer that certainly won't finish within a week, and there is one that will finish within approximately an hour, I'd love to set the auto-shutdown schedule for the latter transfer only.

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