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Weird issue downloading from a peer compared to other clients

by temsah on 2021/09/26 09:23:38 PM    
I have a torrent file which has just one seeder. When I try to download it using tixati, the seeder speed is at maximum 1MB, but using other clients like qTorrent or Bittorrent the download speed from this peer is more than 3MB. My internet connection speed is 1Gb. I have followed the optimizing procedure, my auto limiter is OFF, no incoming/outgoing limit. Anyone else encountered the same problem? I love tixati, I don't want to use other clients.
by ZarkBit on 2021/10/01 12:14:28 PM    
Keep Auto Limiter off, but activate the Limit Incoming/Outgoing KiB/s with your max speed, report back with the results.
by Guest on 2021/10/06 12:37:08 PM    
I put 99999999 for both in/out limits, although I guess it improves the download speed about 500KBps but it is not the solution.

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