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**** Tixati v2.85 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2021/09/23 07:44:15 PM    
September 23, 2021

Tixati version 2.85 is now available. This is a major update with many improvements:

- added support for images in Channel Info and Share views
- new [img] tag can be used to add any PNG/JPEG file in base-64 encoding
- drag-drop images onto Channel Info and Share views to add
- added option to Add button in Channel Info and Share views to add an image by browsing
- new Add Image preview window that allows adjustments to size and compression
- Channel Info / Share automatic content-dependent chunker updated to reduce image splits when syncing
- outgoing Channel stream playlist now shows full date for next play time if not today
- fixed rare crash during outgoing Channel stream schedule re-sync on Channel startup
- better processing for DarkMX links in Chat/Info/Share
- raised limit for opening .torrent files to 200 MB
- maximum files within single transfer limit raised to 2 million
- fixed minor problems with peer metadata sync with very large transfers
- maximum new transfer creation file count raised to 2 million
- optimized initial .torrent file parsing to better handle very large transfers
- several optimizations to initial file name de-duplicating routines, much faster with large transfers
- optimized incoming file data routing for better performance in transfers with extremely high file count
- updated WebUI built-in HTML templates
- enter key on WebUI find bar now refreshes properly
- checkbox state in WebUI transfers / files views now persists after command buttons pressed
- mouse-wheel scrolling to control zoom level on bandwidth charts
- on Windows 7/XP/Vista, mouse-wheel will scroll the hovered control instead of focused
- fixed several problems with UTF-16 surrogate pair rendering on Windows builds
- word-breaking algorithm fixed to better deal with single and double quotes
- faster SHA hasher to speed up Channel operations and file checking
- more accurate free disk space readings on preload window location tooltips on Linux builds
- fixed minor treeview background painting glitches on Windows
- fixed rare crash in Windows GUI that happens when resizing then quickly closing a popup during heavy CPU usage
- many control positioning and spacing adjustments in the main Window / Transfer Properties

More to come soon. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tixati!

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