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How many torrent files can Tixati handle?

by Guest on 2021/09/09 04:52:10 AM    
How many torrent files can Tixati handle?

I'm looking to load it up with around 80,000 torrent files.  I won't be running them all, I just want to maintain them all within Tixati and pick and choose what I'm seeding from the list on a dynamic, manual basis.  I don't want to load them in and out as smaller batches.  The total file size of the torrent files (not the downloaded data, but the *.torrent files themselves) is 1.7GB.  Too much?  Too many?

I guess I'm wondering if there is a hard limit or a sensible limit where performance isn't effected.

Thanks you your help and guidance.
by Guest on 2021/09/09 10:10:39 AM    
start adding and see what happens.
i have around 6000 in tixati, mostly not running.
if there is a hard limit it is probably pretty high.
report back your findings.
by Guest on 2021/09/09 10:38:43 AM    
Here's an idea for you (if your bandwidth is limited, or you don't want to share heavily seeded stuff)

Set categories for your stuff like:


(Clue: you can have unlimited categories)

Then use the SCHEDULER in Tixati to start seeding one topic a night from example: START[22:00]-[08:00]STOP
But don't ever schedule any popular stuff for start/stop seeding.

Alternatively you can also SEED everything inside a category with one click. Quite simple with Tixati.
by Guest on 2021/09/09 10:55:04 PM    
There's no hard limit but Tixati's CPU usage increases until it hits the single thread ceiling with added torrents and the memory consumption scales linearly with files inside of torrents. Choose somwthing else :/

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