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Request for behaviour change "File to Large" error - enhancement

by Guest on 2021/09/06 11:25:43 PM    
When the 'file to large' error appears when starting a torrent, typically I am updating a torrent that has files added monthly to a specific folder.  For example I have a folder of magazines, and each month a torrent is created which includes the current months issues, plus all the back issues.  I point the new torrent to the location of the folder, and I get the new/fixed issues.  With the error 'file to large' you have to go in and either delete the file, or flag it not to download.

What I would love to see is the option to skip/overwrite these automatically, thus streamlining the download process for this type of downloads.

by Guest on 2023/12/07 04:23:06 PM    
Absolutely agree with this behavioural request, its a major time overhead when multiple transfers receive frequent updates. With this one exception, Tixati is first-rate.
by CivilPDX on 2024/01/04 02:05:22 AM    
probably worth nothing if anyone is daring enough to get a libtorrent based client (like qbitorrent) and tixati to operate on the same files

libtorrent has a nasty issue where it will ignore the rest of the data on files that are too large, and as a result can easily corrupt things if you aren't cautious when cross-seeding or moving files around (say, two files have different line endings, qbit and others will mangle these badly and pretend like nothings wrong, meanwhile Tixati will notice)

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