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Feature request: editable fields for file locations.

by Dra9o on 2021/09/02 08:19:30 PM    
Again: there is no option to paste long paths as a string when moving torrent data files to another location.
For example: I want to move 150 torrents with drivers from

I have to manually select 8 folders for EACH torrent! Is it really so difficult to add a standard explorer dialog for folder selecting? It has a text field into which the user can paste paths and also has a search field?
by Guest on 2021/09/02 10:07:03 PM    
For now use categories. Then you can move all torrents of a category at once (select new seeding location and hit Apply to existing).

+1 for the feature. Usually OS default file pickers allow this (unless you're using Windows 95+ version)
by Guest on 2021/09/07 07:18:27 PM    
A bonus side-effect of this feature would be the ability to set relative file paths.
And it would make the the portable version truly portable.

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