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partial file transfer to Tixati

by 69Rixter on 2021/08/27 08:53:12 PM    
I've used Tixati for quite some time and thought I was familiar with it. However, I've forgotten how to "load" a partial file back into the "download" UI. What I'm saying is; I've already D/led part of the torrent(84%), now I want to finish getting the rest of the torrent. I have the partially completed "file" on a pendrive. I tiked "add" but couldn't load the file. I've done this before and have forgotten how to do so correctly. TY
by Guest on 2021/08/28 08:40:56 AM    
you'll add the torrent like normal and make sure the download path is the same, from there it will tell you that the local files already exist, accept this.

once you start the transfer it will check the whole file to see what pieces are complete and what aren't. and once it's done it should resume the download.
by Guest on 2021/08/28 08:37:32 PM    
Yes, I'm trying to do what you've suggested. Problem, when I go to "add", it doesn't allow me to "transfer" the file from my pendrive into...or load into Tixati. I've tried 'cut & paste", typing file name, and hash tag info. I cannot get Tixati to accept any. I "believe" I used to just direct Tixati to to the file* and it did the rest. IDK... something I'm forgetting to do??? THANKS for replying. *By that I mean what I'd do is change the location of the "output" file location to my pendrive file, add the torrent, then Tixati would "recognize" the file and load it into it's UI. This is what I cant seem to accomplish now.
by 69Rixter on 2021/08/29 08:47:01 PM    
OK, got to "open" the file from the pendrive. Tixati said "initializing". At this point Tixati should import the "files" to the D/ling UI. It's not doing so. It's just D/ling the torrent right from the beginning. I don't need copies of the torrent, I just need Tixati to "finish the torrent" I've already, partially, D/led. Anyone know what I need to be doing to accomplish the finishing of the torrent?
by Guest on 2021/08/30 08:57:32 AM    
based on what you are experiancing, I would check that where the torrent is in Tixati and where it's on the filesystem are the same.
by 69Rixter on 2021/08/30 09:15:01 PM    
Thanx for your input. Yes, I was very diligent in selecting to same "location" file. In other words, the output from Tixati was changed to correspond with the same "name" of the file on my pendrive. Again, it's not uploading from my pendrive to Tixati and thus I just keep D/ling the same torent. I already have 84% of torrent (on pendrive). How do I get Tixati to just load the 'file" and then finish the torrent (just the other 16%). I used to do this, but for some reason, I cannot get Tixati to upload the partial torrent into it's UI and finish D/ling it???  Ain't afraid to say, I'm getting frustrated.
by Guest on 2021/09/02 05:27:45 PM    
If the part file isn't a truly sparse file or fully allocated, then it may be in a format of a partial download that belongs to a BT client other than Tixati.
Otherwise, you should get the part file to the desired location where you want it to grow completely; then, when adding the transfer to Tixati, follow these steps:
(1) Set "Move on completion" to none.
(2) If the torrent is set as a single file torrent, the transfer name is the resulting filename; if it's set as a multiple files torrent (even if it contains only one file), the transfer name is the directory name that would hold the files that the torrent "contains", as shown in the transfer creation window. Set the destination directory to the directory which contains the torrent's resulting file or directory.
(3) Verify that the transfer's name and the part file (or its containing directory if it's a multi-file torrent) match.
(4) Press "Stop" to add the transfer without letting Tixati overwrite the partially downloaded data.
(5) Forcibly recheck the torrent.

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