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by Guest on 2021/08/26 02:58:16 PM    
set a button after click, can set Min number of any settings.

number range 0 1 2 3 4 5
Min number range is 0
peer connect/login timeouts
maximum peer connections per seed/download
maximum concurrent outgoing tcp connection attempts
maximum concurrent outgoing udp connection attempts
by Guest on 2023/05/22 06:19:56 PM    
I've noticed it is possible to join chatrooms that belong to the "channels" from whence torrent sources may be found.  It would be wonderful if we could chat directly with our peers.  You know, the people who show up under the "transfers" tab, and whose country flag displays next to their IP address and download speed?  If it can be done for channels, is there any reason it can't be done for individuals?  I feel something like that would be exceedingly neat, and would bring people together from different walks of life based on their (readily apparent) common interests.  (with common-sense suggestions from the app about never revealing any personal information, of course)
by Bugmagnet on 2023/05/27 08:27:39 PM    
Chatrooms and messaging are rather unique to tixati. Most users on the transfers list are not using tixati so their clients do not support these features.

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