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Performance issue on Tixati not µTorrent :

by Guest on 2021/08/22 08:25:20 AM    

I have a performance issue on Tixati :

To retrieve a torrent (same archive/same tracker) where only the client differs.

When Tixati establishes the connection on a semi-private tracker, seed clients gradually appear...

Among this list we observe clients that are connected but transmit either:

-very little data
-others with a lot of data.

It has an impact on the time to reconstitute a complete archive, and the faster the better...

However from another client (µTorrent) the priority of the downloads is concentrated on the seeds that transmit the most data
the most data in order to match the previously set bandwidth limit = fast data retrieval.

Although a limit is set on Tixati it is never reached since Tixati keeps the connection on slow and fast seeds
and fast seeds at the same time while the list of seeders is very large and the availability is 100%.

I observe that Tixati maintains the connection with very slow seeders and this never happens with µTorrent...

It is possible that Tixati on my side is not configured in the right way...

How can we configure Tixati to automatically maintain the most generous seeders in priority
in order to reach the maximum bandwidth previously set on Tixati ?
by Guest on 2021/08/23 12:44:58 AM    
If I understand you correctly, your complaint is that Tixati does not keep the fastest seeders connected? (Your post was a bit hard to read)

I recommend you increase the download slots per torrent: Settings > Connections > Max peers per seed/download. 50 download slots should be enough even with the slowest swarms, if not then bump to 100. Unless you are running a 2001 Celeron you'll have no drawbacks from increasing the connection count.

From a protocol point of view it's actually beneficial to stay connected to as many peers in the swarm as possible. I don't know how Tixati handles the limited scenario, but it must rotate some peers. Well apparently it doesn't prefer rotating the slowest ones...
by Guest on 2021/08/26 10:36:28 AM    
Thank you, yes you have understood well.

I would like to optimize Tixati in the best way, I continue to make tests.

There are some parameters in Tixati where the interactions should be explained more because the wiki is very basic and it lacks illustrations.

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