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"file too long" error

by on 2021/08/22 03:18:29 AM    

Judging by the search, this problem has been raised several times since at least 2013. However, it has not yet been resolved.

When checking a previously downloaded torrent, a file is found that exceeds the size of the current file in the new version of the torrent, an error message "file too large" is displayed, and the check stops. It is impossible to complete verification or update the torrent in such a situation.

The only way to update is to run the scan again and again, each time finding the next "too long" file in the log and manually deleting it until all the "too long" files have been deleted. If there are hundreds or thousands of files in the torrent, it is very long and very tedious.

I will repeat the suggestion that other users have already expressed earlier: automatically delete "too long" files from the file system and mark them for reload. This seems to be the most sane default behavior.

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