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Download stops at 99%, 99 percent

by Shellsunder on 2021/07/23 12:53:31 AM    
This situation is the subject of a number of complaints or reports, the earliest from 2014, the most recent earlier this year. I want to start a new thread to help give it more attention in the eyes of the developers.

I have set 9 download and 3 upload slots. I download torrents that are both poorly and well seeded. I use a 1 GB ethernet connection, usually with little else requiring a significant portion of that bandwidth. I'm running mostly under Windows 10, and under Linux.

When I download as many as 14 torrents at a time, I see no such problem, but when I download more than this - today I tried 27 torrents - some 85% of them stop at 99%. All the stopped torrents have active seeders. All files in the respective torrents show that they have received their full content - no bytes are missing or awaiting download, no torrents are reported as requiring repair, yet all are at listed at 99%.

I stopped these torrents. A few hours later, I started them back up and continue their downloads. Inside of five minutes, 7 of them had found seeders and had finished to 100%. The one remaining stuck torrent did not find any seeders but it also changed to 100%. I emphasize that all the stuck torrents had downloaded all their respective bytes.

Clearly, this is due to Tixati and not due to the availability of the stream. This happens for me only when I try to simultaneously download more than twice as many torrents as I have slots, and not with every torrent.

Hope this helps.
by Guest on 2021/07/23 06:37:30 PM    
I'm not aware of your experience of Tixati so excuse if some of these are simplistic responses, but it might help:

1) Highlighting your download, then select PEERS tab, can you see the bar graph showing IP numbers and the peers showing a percentage like 100% ?
   This shows the availability of seeded files. Someone needs to have 100% for any others to complete.
   Do all your downloads have a 100% seed listed, otherwise that could be your answer... (no seeders)

2) If you download a lot of torrents, when they begin to complete, Tixati needs to hash check the download from 0-100 to see if it the integrity is valid.
   This can cause a large backlog of "complete" downloads at 99 (but they are inverted color possibly) This happens especially if you have extremely fast internet speed. You need to allow Tixati time to hash compute all these files one at a time, in the order they completed. You can usually see the progress of this percent-meter depending on which panes you have open (panel view preferences / split screen etc)

3)  TIX dev to implemented extra hash checking, in my opinion, you should ALWAYS tick these, especially if you want to seed in years to come.  
   SETTINGS (gears) Transfers > Files > Redundant hash-checks on completion.... TICK ON, TICK ON.

4) If you download 100% and find it steps back to 99% another time. You might have a faulty hard drive unfortunately.
   This happens to me occasionally and luckily someone online seeded me back the 1% I needed.
   You could possibly use your hard disk manufacturer tools to scan and identify bad blocks overnight.

5)  People going to nuke me for saying this. heh heh. But I prefer to have Tixati download to a 1TB SSD C:\INCOMPLETE drive
    THEN on completion I set Tixati settings to (automatically) move to a 6TB spinning disk ie D:\COMPLETE_STUFF
    Yes it might be restrictive downloading lots of incompletes but I feel this makes more sense.

6)  You can probably "test" your Hard Drive integrity. Say you have 100 downloads all with 100%. Highlight ALL your downloads and right hand choose LOCAL FILES > FORCE CHECK   .... Then go to bed or go out. This might take hours...
If any of your downloads were 100% now roll back to 99% then your hard disk is likely suspect as faulty. (Bad block)

Please let us know if you have any luck ?

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