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Seeding seems slower when on TRANSFERS pane

by Guest on 2021/07/20 11:36:46 PM    

I am using Tixati 2.84 on a Celeron, 2 core, 64 bit machine with WIN10 20H2

I have 31 items active seeding (cyan) about 5 of these are sending data about 3MB.
I have 3 items active downloading (green) these are slow, like ~15KB each. Incoming 50KB average. Slow downloads. This is fine.

I have no App  bandwidth 'limits' active just now.

Perhaps this is only my observation, but whenever Tixati is Minimised my upload bandwidth 'boosts' and gets used at 100%

However, when I make Tixati main screen (TRANSFERS) my overall upload falls to about 40% of my Internet speed.

If I put Tixati into main full screen view and select the "HOME" icon the upload rises to 100%

Switching back to Transfers make it fall to 30-40% again.

Is my machine too slow or does Tixati have an issue?

I think there is a very old article about this. I used DIAGS....

DIAGS with Tixati Minimised or Tixati on HOME screen, makes the upload speed 30-50% again.
DIAGS visible on itself is causing the performance problem.
Minimising Tixati AND minimising DIAGS makes the upload go back to 100% again.

OK when all minimised: Upload is working 100% of capability,

GOOD UPLOAD: (Unthrottled)
When upload working ~100%
YELLOW (Netbase) is 450m/s and
GREEN (GUI) is 50m/s AND CSEC=5K (baseline)

BAD UPLOAD: (Seems throttled)
When upload working ~40%
YELLOW (Netbase) is 50m/s and
GREEN (GUI) is 500m/s AND CSEC=75K (GUI raised)

So I'm guessing my machine can't cope with live screen updates?

I can leave Tixati minimised as a fix I guess...

by Guest on 2021/07/21 11:41:04 AM    
the transfers page does take up more cpu and such but that can be minimized some by what is actually displayed. the 'Tree View' or the 'Split View' layouts may use less, especially if they are all collapsed. if you run with 'Tabbed View' the bottom tab makes a difference. the 'Transfers' tab is probably the highest cpu, and the Comments or Options Tabs would probably be the lowest. the others somewhere in between depending what is being displayed and how much.

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