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Seeding issues

by Guest on 2021/07/20 05:36:48 AM    
I have acquired, after a long time of torrenting, a decent internet connection. As such I'd like to seed more. I am having issues with consistancy (see attached image).

Any thoughts as to what to do to fix this?


by Guest on 2021/07/21 05:33:44 PM    
Hi there,

Your screenshot displayed a really old version. Try installing v2.84 64bit which has a lot of improvements.

Try downloading or seeding without limits set and again with limits?
Are you using ancient downloads or popular ones? Older stuff is seeded/wanted by very few people and can be slow.
Have you done some speedtest checks, what are your Internet line speeds roughly? (Download and Upload)
You could check your ISP terms and conditions and see if they throttle P2P traffic?

Do you know if you have port forwarding working?
Find out the port number and go to a test website (IE yougetsignal dot com) and enter the same port and test if open or closed
Click the HOUSE icon within Tixati and bottom-right should show you your port number

Wish you luck troubleshooting. Let us know some of the results to your tests...
by Guest on 2021/07/30 02:21:33 PM    
Thank you for the reply, Ill update and have a look at port forawrding. Have tried before but gotten a little lost in the process.

The seeds are newish, some of them. I think if anything its the version and the ports.

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