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Directory location for each dowload ?

by nounours18200 on 2021/07/15 06:19:06 PM    

I use the latest Windows version of Tixati: 2.84

Is it possible to define a specific download directory for each download, or are all the download placed in the same directory (as I believe) ?

by nounours18200 on 2021/07/15 06:29:49 PM    
Sorry: I believe that the default location can be changed for each download just before pressing the "start" button...
by Guest on 2021/07/16 03:55:38 PM    
That's correct. But you can change location any time by Right clicking the transfer (or entire category) and then changing the location there.
Under Properties of the transfers (for categories still Right Click) you can also change the seeding location. You may need to click on "Apply to current transfers" if you want to move all current files.

Download location: during download
Seeding location: after download has finished

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