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Large torrent file support (over 64MB)

by Guest on 2021/07/13 03:07:18 PM    
Hello, would it be possible to add large torrent file support? For example in my scenario I have 64+ MB torrent file - as it has lots, very lots of files in there - and therefor I can't download the files using this torrent file - as it fails to read the metadata.
by janet on 2021/07/14 01:40:45 PM    
please post a link to that torrent or a magnet link to it, so it can be sent to the devs.
by AssassinLV on 2021/07/16 09:07:55 AM    
I can send the file in question in PM...
by Guest on 2021/07/16 02:01:26 PM    
why is this limit even a thing in the first place if other torrent clients support said 64MB+ torrent file?
by janet on 2021/07/16 04:36:25 PM    
just post the magnet link or a link to the torrent file here so I can get it, it will not be posted publicly.
by Guest on 2021/07/16 05:13:15 PM    
I'm not the topic starter but the following results in "Invalid file system in meta-file" when creating a new seed:
for i in {1..50000}; do printf "%05d\n" "$i" > $(printf "%05d--%040d.txt" "$i" "$i") & done
At exactly 50k files in a directory. 49999 files are OK. Procmon says all IO calls (File list enumeration and QueryOpen in particular) report a SUCCESS. There're no more accesses to that folder after QueryOpen on the last file. Windows 7 x64

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