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[BUG [?] / Feature Request] - lower window to auto-resize after

by Guest on 2021/06/28 12:35:11 AM    
(v. 2.83 portable on MS Windows x64).

Assume there are 3 windows open in the application arranged as:

1) left side, vertical narrow window:

2) to the right of that, an (upper) horizontal window:
Name, Bytes, Progress etc;

3) below the previous, a lower horizontal window:
Details, Files, Trackers, Peers etc.

Assume that the two horizontal windows are spaced equally (or otherwise proportioned) so one may see the list of torrents above and the list of peers below i.e. in the lower horizontal window the Peers tab is selected.

While viewing e.g. Peers tab in the lower horizontal window, one decides to check the download/upload ratio; so one selects the Details tab. At that point in order to display [?] Details, the lower horizontal window expands to take about 2/3 of the vertical space occupied by the two horizontal windows combined.
Then clicking e.g. the Peers tab to revert to former view necessitates the tiresome resizing of the lower window by holding the mouse above the tabs line and dragging the window downwards, back to where it was before Details tab was displayed.

After doing this a couple of times it gets tedious.  

Assuming there is no other existing means of working round this, is it possible to consider a code change:

a) in order to make the font size smaller when Details is displayed, after moving to that tab from Peers tab; and/or
b) to compress the "chart" element of the information in the Details tab so the entire Details array can be kept within the tab display as previously sized; and/or
c) for the lower horizontal window to automatically re-size itself when Peers or another tab is selected, so the former size relationship of the two horizontal windows is regained without needing to mess with the mouse?


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