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Zero-sized files recreated with new names for existing torrent d

by sedmon on 2021/06/26 06:47:37 PM    

I'm in process of migrating from my previous torrent application to Tixati, and suddenly discovered a bug.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Have an already downloaded torrent with some zero-sized file(s)
2. Open corresponding .torrent file in Tixati and specify location of already downloaded torrent
3. Tixati warns that "Local Files Already Exists", press "Continue"

Tixati successfully catches and rechecks all existing non-zero sized file. But all zero-sized files created again with new names appending '(1)' to the name: e.g. instead of reusing already existent 'emptyfile.txt' it creates new 'emptyfile (1).txt'.
by sedmon on 2021/06/26 06:49:30 PM    
forgot to mention: I'm using latest Tixati v2.84 64-Bit Windows Build

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