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[Bug] file allocation fail, Fast Allocate effects like Sparse

by Guest on 2021/06/26 08:01:51 AM    
version: Tixati 64 bit 2.83 / 2.84 Portable

os system: Windows 7 64 bit

disk file system: NTFS


I'm a new user, I found a file allocation issue on my system.

I tried all parameters for file allocation, they work well except Fast Allocate, it effects more like Sparse.
At the transfer start:

   a file with size 4.25 GiB, its occupation is 136 MiB.

   a file with size 208 MiB, its occupation is 6.5 MiB.

Thanks, Tixati is a great work.
by Guest on 2021/12/08 12:37:57 PM    
It's v2.86 now, the issue is still unfixed.

Is there anyone get the same issue?

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