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(How) Can i Use my credit card to donate?

by infinice on 2021/06/16 09:40:03 AM    
Your (upper-right corner) announcement proclaims that only crypto (boo to you too!) and PayPal are possible. I don't have (or want) either.
Is credit card payment possible too?
by janet on 2021/06/16 11:06:47 PM    
When you click the PayPal link, there should be two buttons.  One says "Donate With Paypal" and the other says "Donate With Debit or Credit Card".  For the second option, you don't need to create an account or anything like that.  It works like any other credit card form.

I have heard other people say that the second button doesn't show up in some countries.  Is that the case for you?
by Guest on 2021/07/04 09:30:24 PM    
i'm from Russia, so cant donate via PP directly.
Could you add some other ways?

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