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What trackers accept Tixati?

by Guest on 2021/06/07 11:19:17 PM    
Is there a list of trackers that do not ban Tixati?  Is there a list of private trackers that don't ban Tixati?  If there is, could someone point me in the right direction, or can we create a list here if there isn't a list somewhere else?

All I have read is ban, ban, and more bans...what about the good guys?!

I would rather use Tixati any day of the week. It's the client that I haven't had any problems with.  Others have been disasters.

Thanks for the great client!
by Guest on 2021/06/08 10:24:52 PM    
Some private trackers are very restrictive regarding what clients they accept, to the point where only a couple versions of very few clients are allowed. In some places you can count them with the fingers of one hand, which is of course ludicrous and counter-productive in basically every way. People end up having to use multiple clients in order to be able to use multiple sites.

Some clients aren't accepted because of some bug or security hole which some specific version had and which has been patched years ago. Others are banned due to plain misconception about certain features being used to "cheat", even when it's not the case. It all started eons ago when a version of BitComet (justifiably) got a bad rap in the torrent world, but nowadays it's all down to bias caused by ignorance or power-mad attitudes from site sysops.

*Most* clients out there today have no real reason to get banned in any private tracker, and Tixati being currently one of the best in all regards, it's sad to see it get this undeserved treatment. I for one would certainly enjoy seeing it enabled in more private sites.
by Guest on 2021/06/14 07:48:01 PM    
Pornbay accept Tixati latest stable.
Torrentday accept Tixati latest stable.

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