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High DPI scaling has problems

by dustee071 on 2021/06/05 07:06:56 PM    
Hi, Im using a mismatched multi-monitor setup with windows10 and i have some issues with tixati. Primary monitor is 3840x2160 175%scaling, secondary monitor is 1680x1050 100%scaling. I would like to use tixati on my second monitor, maximized. I tried all the DPI scaling options in the properties of the executable and each has their own problems.

- Application scaling: makes the window and traymenu look normal for monitor1, but on monitor2 everything is massive, im guessing 1.75x bigger.
- System (enhanced): makes the tray right click menu tiny and makes it appear in the middle of monitor1 instead of next to the tray icon. Also breaks launching videos through the tixati tree view, makes potplayer not scale its skin correctly.
- System: also tiny tray menu centered in the middle of the screen. This mode starts lagging my potplayer and system every few minutes, caused me many hours of troubleshooting my system before i coincidentally discovered it was tixati that was causing it.
- No dpi override (default): tiny centered traymenu and makes tixati maximized state on monitor2 not really maximized - the absolute top of the window can be clicked through to the next application under it.

I choose system enhanced because it is the least infuriating to me, however i now have to open the folder in windows explorer before opening videos. Any improvements to DPI scaling would be very welcome. Thanks and keep up the good work i love tixati.

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