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[Request] Proxy connection errors to be included in notification

by RedSnt on 2021/06/01 10:38:04 AM    
So I occasionally get proxy connection errors which results in the UI popping up from the taskbar with a message that it'll try and retry in 30 seconds. At the retry it 99% of the time reconnects successfully, so having the UI pop up in the first place just to display that error feels superfluous to me. Especially because transfer speeds in tixati are lower with the UI on screen as opposed to higher speeds when hidden in the system tray.  

Or maybe a setting to suppress error messages to show up in the Home log screen only. Or a category for all error messages in the Behavior part of the settings.

Or perhaps I'm overlooking something in Tixati? Because I've found no way to avoid getting popups with proxy connection errors. The obvious solution would be to just avoid using a SOCKS5 proxy, but it seems to relieve a lot of stress on my router.
by Guest on 2023/02/01 10:38:26 PM    
Yeah, same issue, commonly proxies (or Windows?) will reject a random connection. It's almost always fine, but causes Tixati to pop up over every window every 60sec. SOCKS5 isn't really usable like this on desktop PCs.

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