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A Question Regarding Priority of Individual Files VS Groups.

by Wulfryke on 2021/05/30 08:02:21 PM    
So I have created several groups to automatically sort specific files into, such as when I download weekly anime it is automatically sorted in that by catching the names of the subgroup Erai or SubsPlease. I have set this group to be at Below Normal incoming and Above Normal outgoing, so my question is if my priority increase of a specific file within a category stays within that category's importance queue? IE I have ANOTHER category that I have set at Ultra High, lets call this Complete Anime, I download completed anime and set outgoing/seeding as VH and incoming as UH, so if I set a file in my Weekly category (which is only BN incoming AN outgoing) to UH will that file be considered UH only amongst other files in the weekly category, or will it compete for data with my UH priority files under the UH Completed Anime category as well?
by Guest on 2021/06/03 11:30:10 PM    
The BW priorities were never properly explained/documented, but I would think so that it stays within a groups priority. This is just my hypothesis, because a category's bandwidth limit is a total for the whole group.

If so then think of it like probability. If 'normal' were 1 (100%), then a group AN is 1.10. If a normal file within AN category then it's (cat * transfer * file) = 1.10 * 1.0 * 1.10 = 1.21x priority.
I could be totally wrong :)

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