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Current Multi-tracker announce mode makes no sense

by notaLamer on 2021/05/25 09:24:28 PM    
Settings > Trackers > Multi-tracker announce mode

All: OK, we announce to all

Only first group: This makes little sense.

Let's assume there're 2 completely different trackers. TrackerA and TrackerB:

The torrent is publicly available and as such, some people came from and communicate ONLY with Tracker A, while other people ONLY have Tracker B.

In case of 'All groups' - there's no issue. Tixati will talk to both trackers and gather all peers.
In case of 'Only first group' - Tixati will miss out on half the peers because it only talks to the first working TrackerA.

Instead there should be a setting: 'One tracker per separate group'

This way, Tixati will talk to both different trackers. Also it will allow fail-over addresses for different servers of the same Bittorrent tracker:



Tixati would only talk to *address2 of each group if the primary server is unresponsive.

A list of this hierarchy is easier to understand and keep up to date.


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