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[Request] Option to remember file move operations when stopping/

by Guest on 2021/05/23 11:36:40 PM    
Closing Tixati/stopping transfers when files are being moved is a real issue, since it stops the process completely and there is no resuming.
Please give us an option to remember where files are going and restart the process later.

Thanks for this incredible client.
by Guest on 2021/05/27 09:07:49 PM    
This is a really good question. I was going to ask something similar...

I have not quit Tixati 'during' a file move so I do not know if it can resume and recheck itself OK? Or does it leave stranded files?

I download to SSD C:\INCOMPLETE and Tixati automatically moves files to D:\COMPLETE and recomputes the filehashes
I was the person who asked for a file recheck post-moving between hard disks. Tixati implemented this - Thank you!

Sometimes I'm not sure what Tixati is doing but I can hear D:\ disk making noises, so I wait till a long while of silent disk before quitting Tixati when I need to shut down.

Please could we have some icon, indicator, or green/red box graphic saying: (for example)

[FILE MOVE OPERATION IN PROGRESS... 04 QUEUED - 01 MOVING... [054%] EST: 11 min - WAIT before shutdown! ]

Hope everyone is well

Thank you

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