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Interface does not change in language translation :( .... Brazil

by silverlion on 2021/05/21 03:30:53 AM    
Hello everyone, everything good ?

I did the translation into Brazilian Portuguese, using the base file that was provided. Then I tried to load it. The tixati says that the file was loaded, asks to restart the program, and when the process is done, the interface remains in the native language, English, but it does not change to the translated Brazilian Portuguese language.

Here is the downloadable file>

I am using portable version 2.83

Thanks for listening

Grateful :)
Silver Lion BR
by Guest on 2021/05/21 03:36:34 PM    
you did it wrong.

Put each key phrase on its own line, followed by the replacement text on the next line, followed by one or more empty lines.


by notaLamer on 2021/05/21 07:01:56 PM    
Hi Lion, to me that's a funny mistake :D You have translated so much without testing once?
I will help you to put English lines back into the file with a code script IF you had not changed the order of different lines. Contact me in Tixati User Group channel or join the translator channel:
by silverlion on 2021/05/21 11:22:08 PM    
ops ... failure on my part for not paying attention ... I'll fix it ... thankful ...

Thanks for listening

Grateful :)
Silver Lion BR
by Guest on 2022/03/30 12:35:57 AM    
Tem o arquivo da tradução para português do brasil para disponibilizar? Ficarei agradecido.


Do you have the Brazilian Portuguese translation file available? I'll be thankful.
by Ser4ph4 on 2022/10/09 09:59:56 AM    
Tem o arquivo de traduçao  PT_BR?


Do you have the  PT_BR translation file?

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