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Country of peer questionable ?

by mbe on 2021/05/11 10:53:14 PM    
A peer in the address range 51d15d0d0 - 51d15d63d255 (d = dot) is shown to be in France, while the RIPE database claims :
org:            ORG-ONLI2-RIPE
country:        NL

Where does Tixati get the country information from, please ?
TXs and cheers
by Guest on 2021/05/14 11:03:28 PM    
I've noticed it too on very few peers. Most of these geo IP databases are commercial services and I doubt that the dev is willing to spend money on it (or do they?)
You can run a traceroute to that IP and see what hosts and countries your traffic passes. You'll probably see a couple hosts from the final country before reaching destination.
by Guest on 2021/05/23 04:09:47 PM    
TXs for sharing your experience.
With "manual" interaction I know how to dig deeper and get reasonable information (whois via various NICs, e.g., and some free - limited - services).
However, then the beauty of just looking at the app and read is lost. And in particular I cannot know which country information I can trust, and which not.
The topic is a kind of spleen, I admit, but still :-)

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