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[BUG] Right click -> Open Folder on linux opens my video player

by fartarget82 on 2021/05/08 12:02:49 PM    
On Kubuntu, right-clicking inside "Files" tab of a torrent opens directories and a bunch of other files in my video player, bomi, instead of their proper handler.

For example:

Right click anything, Open Folder ----------------> Opens bomi
Right click directory, Open ----------------------> Opens bomi
Right click mp3 file, Open -----------------------> Opens bomi
Right click jpg file, Open -----------------------> Opens XnView (correctly)

Looking through File Associations app, it seems if bomi is ANYWHERE in the list of supported apps for the mime, tixati will pick it instead of whatever is on the top of the list. tixati seems to really REALLY like bomi. :-)

by Guest on 2021/07/20 10:18:58 PM    
Happens the same to me with Visual Studio Code when I use the right click menu > open folder
by Guest on 2021/07/21 11:30:45 AM    
tixati seems to really REALLY like bomi. :-)

its more like bomi and Visual Studio really want you to use their program to open things.

tixati looks to your computer for the default way to 'open folder', and its finding bomi and visual studio.
by fartarget82 on 2021/08/03 01:55:17 PM    
I posted screenshots, they are not shown for some reason.

Bomi is indeed at the list of folder handlers, but it is not the top handler.

My guess would be tixati sorts the handlers alphabetically and picks the first one, instead of the top/default one as provided by the OS.
by Metagnaisse on 2023/01/21 09:27:49 PM    
Hey guys, I was having the same issue and found a workaround:

Go on any folder, right click it, choose "Open with..." than choose "Open with another application" EVEN IF you already see the application you would like to be your default file manager, than choose it from the list in the windows that will pop-up AND make sure to check-mark "Use it as default" or something like this.

Than, if in the future another application "steals" the default position, you can always do it again!

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