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How to sort files in torrent by original size when transfering (

by yybot on 2021/05/05 12:27:52 PM    

Sorting files by "Bytes" on Transfers -> Files tab seems only sort files by downloaded bytes, I want to sort files by original size, how to do it? If it's unable to do it, please add this feature. This is needed if I only download several files in a torrent at first, then want to download more files in the future.

by unizen on 2022/08/24 04:10:31 AM    
Bumping to second this feature request, we need a "bytes total" column in the files view so we can sort files in a distribution by size.

Hope the developer will consider adding this!
by Guest on 2022/08/24 06:52:29 AM    
From this page:
Pressing this button will present a drop-down menu with many options to adjust the view. You may add information-tree subgroups in the main display and adjust the sorting that is used in these subgroups. Columns can be added or removed. There are also options to show or hide the information tabs under the main view, as well as enabling a split-view where downloading transfers are separated from seeding transfers.
Check out the columns you can add.

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