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Add Firewall Rule to Block specific Clients/Agents (like Xunlei)

by KeyserSöze on 2021/05/04 12:37:14 AM    
There are some torrent clients/agents that download sequentially and don't seem to upload at all. The last one I can remember is Xunlei (

Could you developers please add another option for the firewall, allowing for blocking clients/agents that match specific string, string pattern (xun*), and regex?

Currently the firewall only works with ip list or country codes. Since the client/agent information is already available (after all Tixati shows this information for all peers connected to us), and the firewall feature already exists, I presume this is reasonably feasible.

by Guest on 2021/05/04 09:29:14 AM    
by Guest on 2021/05/04 01:05:52 PM    
Settings -> Transfers -> Peers -> Client Filter (configure)

Here's an example for peer ID never allow:


by Pete on 2021/05/04 07:02:33 PM    
This is already possible. Go to: Settings > Transfers > Peers > Client Filter (Configure).
Paste this at the Client ID > Never Allow:

Paste this at the Peer ID > Never Allow:

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