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Tixati working with Mullvad VPN ...

by Guest on 2021/05/01 08:42:26 PM    
Have a working VPN provider who lack speed.
Tried another one, who could not work with Tixati (no connections).
Got a "try out" with Mullvad VPN, but the same story (no connections).
If I go back to my old VPN provider.... everything works as it should.
Strange... any advices ??
by Guest on 2021/05/02 08:36:47 PM    
How many different torrents did you try it with? I suspect the seeders may have got one of those idiotic blocklists that are not made for bittorrent at all. If so they are blocking you.
If its across all torrents, check your Tixati settings (it should not be bound to the old VPN connection) and with Mullvad do the port-forwarding too. Look up other threads here, its been explained how.
by SrOtter on 2021/05/03 12:08:24 PM    
@Guest on 2021/05/02 08:36:47 PM    

Got another subscribe with AirVPN (mentioned in another posting) and no problems at all.
Good speed with an resonable price.
Dropped my Mullvad subscription, go my money back - quickly.
Thanks :-)

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