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Hide bottom pane?

by infinice on 2021/04/26 06:04:11 PM    
My apologies if the info is here, somewhere, but i couldn't find it...
It's a super simple question- how do i hide the bottom pane (showing details, files, trackers etc.)?

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by Guest on 2021/05/11 11:38:13 PM    
PS: If anybody was thinking- i won't answer this guy because the explanation is glaringly obvious: layout > bottom pane > show/hide.
Doesn't work.
by Guest on 2021/05/11 11:43:32 PM    
go to settings->user interface->widget styles
change status bar from visible to hidden
by Guest on 2023/06/05 05:29:34 PM    
click on layout then click on tree view

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