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Windows 10 Removed Tixati

by voyager62 on 2021/04/23 05:25:24 PM    
Windows Defender blocked and removed Tixati as a PUA. Why?
by janet on 2021/04/23 07:57:23 PM    
Tixati has NO spyware or adware.

It has been flagged as PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) by Microsoft's Windows Defender only because Tixati is a torrent client. Other torrent clients have also been flagged as PUA by Microsoft's Windows Defender just for being torrent clients.

Here is more information:
by Guest on 2021/04/23 07:58:14 PM    
you have to allow it in the settings to get defender to leave it alone.
by Guest on 2021/10/04 09:03:58 AM    
I had that happen to me twice. Thought I had the problem solved permanently, but after updating Tixati it happened again.  

It is possible to have Windows Defender ignore the "risk". The problem is trying to figure out where to go to create an exception and what to except. What I did to make things easier was 1) open up my security centre, 2) reinstalled Tixati, 3) switch over to the security centre where the just-installed Tixati was listed as a "severe risk", 4) I looked at the options underneatht the warning which were to remove, quarantine or create an exception for Tixati, 5) I chose that last option. Then I had to reinstall Tixati yet again because Win 10 had already deleted the exe file without asking. Problem solved, again, at least for now.
by Guest on 2021/10/04 09:05:15 AM    
PS, I would recommend that Tixati add a FAQ to address how to fix this reocurring Win 10 (and probably Win 11) issue.
by Guest on 2021/10/04 08:03:01 PM    
i dont think the tixati devs can stop windows from removing programs.
boy i hate windows.
you have to allow the tixati in the defender settings.
by Guest on 2021/10/14 06:22:41 PM    
I just had this happen to me.

I went to Windows Security and allowed it access but it still will not work.

What next?
by Guest on 2021/10/15 11:53:09 PM    
What's next? A system that respects your decisions as a user and owner. That's not Windows 10. Story:
Reinstalled windows like I do every year, and decided to just get the latest windows version right off the bat. It tried to force on me to create a microsoft account or log into one. When I was attempting to install a torrent program, it outright told me 5 different torrent installers were viruses. My main go to is qbittorrent, and I've trusted it for years. I then disabled defender, and installed qbittorrent anyways.

I restarted my PC, and came back to it a few hours later after the drivers installed. Registry entries for qbittorrent were removed by windows defender. This shit is active meddling, and will have me remove the bloatware BS hardcore from now on. I do a fresh install on windows every week for someone at least, and I'm going to avoid OEM or windows installers direct from microsoft from now on.
In the past 3 years I have spent zero time fixing or unbreaking my Windows 7 install. I understand not everyone can just 'go back' but you gotta live with the choices you make. Either that or a Linux install+Windows Virtual Machine (if you don't play games with heavy anti-cheat) or continue boiling in the water while Micro$oft cranks up the heater and equally waste more time this way.
I'm sorry but I don't have a solution for you because I don't and will not use Windows 10. You'll have to search elsewhere since this is now a common problem, an unnecessary problem. - not a Lamer
by Guest on 2021/10/17 02:23:11 PM    
Can confirm this happens on Windows 11 as well ... i just now had to allow it on Windows 11 install I am running
by Guest on 2023/04/11 09:23:26 AM    
It seems MS has decided to act THE world S POLICEMAN all torrents are unwanted pieces of software, downloading copyright items Quite forgetting the legitimate downloads.

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