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donate (Brave Basic Attention Token)

by Rushen on 2021/04/22 04:48:27 AM    
Hello! I use Brave.
Wanted to make a donation of 3.500 BAT = 4.15 USD for
Writes: Verification failed This creator is not yet participating in the donation program and cannot receive gifts from Brave users.
How can I thank you for a great program and SEND A TIP?
With respect, Rushen
by KH on 2021/04/22 12:51:37 PM    
Give me 1 week to look at this Brave program and set things up.

If they don't have any strange requirements or hoops to jump through, I'll probably get this going and list it on  with all the other cryptos.

If anyone else reading this has some info about this Brave token stuff, good or bad, please chime in.
by Guest on 2021/04/28 03:13:43 PM    
Thanks for the answer. I will wait...
by Rushen on 2021/04/30 01:38:47 PM    
by KH on 2021/05/03 03:50:47 AM    
Sorry it took a while, but I finally got it all set up.

Thanks for the idea.  This will work well.

And thanks for the support!  It goes a long way.
by Rushen on 2021/05/05 01:03:35 PM    
Money is waiting for you...
by KH on 2021/05/06 04:43:47 AM    
If anyone knows how to collect the Basic Attention Token from the Brave Rewards program without signing up for an Uphold account please let me know.  Apparently the BAT that Brave collects on behalf of a web site can not be moved to a regular browser wallet and re-spent.

The Uphold account is a custodial wallet, so you don't get to keep your own private key.  Also they require to send photo-ID and a selfie and all sorts of other private info.
by Guest on 2021/05/06 03:17:36 PM    
by Guest on 2021/05/09 04:34:05 AM    
They will also stalk you all over the Internet to try to find already existing information. There's still more violations coming, so sit back and watch:

   Uphold uses Veriff to verify your identity by determining whether a selfie you take matches the photo in your government-issued identification. Veriff’s facial recognition technology collects information from your photos that may include biometric data, and when you provide your selfie, you will be asked to agree that Veriff may process biometric data and other data (including special categories of data) from the photos you submit and share it with Uphold. Automated processes may be used to make a verification decision.
Explained in less pleasant terms -

Crypto was supposed to be people's currency, not yet another centralized, limited and magnate-controlled banking system where you have no saying. I.e. don't support systems that dictate you to stay the same slave as you are now.

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