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[Feature Request] Idea for Tixati to cleverly sidestep P2P faker

by Guest on 2021/04/21 02:17:24 PM    
Hi :-)

Had an idea where I'm sick of these 'faker' clients with 0.00% connecting in and dropping off continually.

How about this:

1) You have Tixati and have a 100% seed of a torrent
2) DHT & Trackers will declare you're a complete seed (that's OK)


3) Peer contacts Tixati and Handshakes, asks for torrent bitmap (IE: none, partial, complete) We send "complete" back to this peer.
4) Peer learns we are "complete" then disappears then reappears later, loitering with 0.00% all the time.


3) Peer contacts Tixati and Handshakes, asks for bitmap but Tixati declares: WE HAVE NONE - no pieces - (even though we are 100%)
4) Tixati performs the same check inquiry back on the Peer for how many pieces:

  IF Peer Pieces declared = NON-ZERO  (maybe equal to 1% or more) then peer is to be considered as likely genuine and considered a trustworthy PEER to continue with.
  IF Peer Pieces declared = ZERO (or less than 1%) then close connection as they are possible faker

What this means:

Tixati stealth mode will NOT declare we have ANY pieces until we learn the Peer has MORE than 0 pieces first.
Fakers always seem to have NO PIECES so we just don't want to deal with THOSE people.

We MUST prevent the faker from confirming by handshake we have 100% (complete) so we will declare partial or none.
Yes this could introduce problems if you are the ONLY seeder at that time. But maybe manual override button allows start.

How the peer would prove it is trustworthy to access your Tixati during this suggested STEALTH MODE enabled:

Peer would need to obtain "some" pieces from "Somebody Else" first BEFORE Tixati Stealth mode would deal with that peer.
This would prevent the fakers from obtaining confirmation about what we hold when they have 0.00%

A suspected "faker" is treated by Tixati as 'REAL' when they declare they have ANYTHING more than 0.00% (0 pieces) of a download.

Anybody think this idea might work ???

MetaData transfer should still work?
OR if meta data is downloaded, the Peer can be considered as genuine and proceed with Tixati sending pieces ??? (Testing would have to be done)
by Guest on 2021/04/22 12:02:38 PM    
I think this is a old method. Now, most of them just choke, or send few pieces then choke, fake ZERO progress is no longer prevalently.
by Guest on 2021/05/06 07:08:39 PM    
How does it prevent these p2p fakers to adjust their systems to bypass this detection?

I don't think it's worth the effort for the dev to waste time on. If you make it into a personal project to provide blocklists later on - OK. Imo this will lead to an arms race and what about genuine peers with 0%?

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