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Tixati started downloading slowly for no apparent reason, qbitto

by Dimitri001 on 2021/04/09 06:24:50 AM    
A few months ago Tixati, for no apparent reason, started downloading slowly. I have a 1 Mbps download speed and Tixati won't go over about 70 kbps on any individual torrent and usually will go much slower than that, although it does go over that speed on all torrents in aggregate.

The same torrent will download at full speed on qbittorrent.

Since this has happened, I have updated Tixati, I've changed the port and nothing has helped.

Anyone know what the problem might be?

(I want to use Tixati rather than qbittorrent, because qb will often slow down my browser.)
by leondgarse on 2021/04/10 03:45:25 AM    
Same issue here. Downloading a same torrent using Tixati and qbittorrent, both running along with another closed:
- Using `qbittorrent` will be `~3MiB/s` download and `~2MiB/s` upload speed.
- Tixati is downloading extremely slow, at `~20KiB/s`. I have Once noticed it's downloading form `~60` peers, each at `~1.8KiB/s`.

Almost all my torrents in Tixati didn't upload in months, and once copied to qbittorrent, some of them reached `~1.5` share rate in 2 days...
Also prefer Tixati. The UI and and some functions like auto choose files while adding new torrent is more convenient for me.

Tixati version: 2.81
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
by Dimitri001 on 2021/04/13 06:11:48 AM    
Anyone got any ideas at all?
by Guest on 2021/04/14 05:02:44 PM    
Auto Bandwidth Limiter?
by leondgarse on 2021/04/17 04:46:18 AM    
My Auto Bandwidth limit is not enabled. Set it enabled / Disabled makes no difference for me. Other attempts like:
- Setting Limit Incoming / Outgoing limit as 9999 MB/s
- Changing UDP port
- Adding trackers
- Setting IPv6 preferred
- Enabling local peers discover
All seem not benefiting my situation. Some torrents uploading at `~2MiB/s` in qbittorrent, while same ones in Tixati seldom reach `50KiB/s`.
by leondgarse on 2021/05/06 10:25:53 PM    
I think mine is back working normally. Reset all the changes I made, and still works fine...

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