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How to get peers and seeders(my download for most of my ebooks a

by Guest on 2021/04/01 10:48:08 PM    
Hi Experts,

I keep searching for DHTs, announce and re-arrange the trackers to make sure OK trackers are placed on top and constantly announce them but most times, I get B/s in and B/s Out as well 0

I don't think any ports issue and I see some successfully downloaded yet I looked in help and set the port same number.
Note: I could not find UDP port in my version of latest version of Tixati (2.81). Any help please?
by Guest on 2021/04/02 09:36:25 AM    
Tixati only uses one port number for TCP and UDP now. The screenshots in help are outdated.
Most users online do not have their ports forwarded (cannot accept incoming connections), if you do it gives you an instant advantage over everybody else: in terms of speed and connectivity. However if it only works for incoming IPv6, you are still no better than the rest because most of users still only have IPv4. IPv4 port forwarding is manual in most cases (i.e. UPnP doesn't work) and only possible if you are the only person using the IP address. Your internet service provider can use CGNAT which puts many households behind one IPv4 address. In that case your only real option is to use a VPN with port forwarding features.

Lastly, how do you know there're peers/seeds online for your transfers? Most people download (leech) and never give anything back (seed) - such transfers die within weeks or days.
by Guest on 2021/04/02 10:35:37 PM    
Hmm It would be nice if Tixati makes it mandatory to see as well but I know it will be controversial but you see I have my ebook a few have it, but won't seed. Thank you for the information. Yes, I am with VPN.

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