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Windows Defender considers Tixati to be harmful

by Guest on 2021/03/31 05:02:05 PM    
Windows Defender suddenly considers Tixati to be "Potentially Unwanted Software" on my system. Just a hint. Of course, the software is not harmful.I added an exception.Has anyone else had this experience?
by janet on 2021/04/01 01:32:53 AM    
Tixati has NO spyware or adware.

It has been flagged as PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) by Microsoft's Windows Defender only because Tixati is a torrent client. Other torrent clients have also been flagged as PUA by Microsoft's Windows Defender just for being torrent clients.

Here is more information:
by Guest on 2021/04/01 06:19:48 AM    
solution: I re-installed version 2.79 , everything runs fine now. definitely something wrong with 2.81 installer.
by Guest on 2021/04/01 11:34:09 PM    
tixati broken so i install previou versoin

pls fix thx

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