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Reporting a total blockade by windows

by Guest on 2021/03/22 05:27:33 PM    
I have had immense pleasure from Tixati. From it's design to practicality.

Today I experienced something I have never before. Windows blocked total access to Tixati.

At first I was very surprised, and then i panicked a little bit because i thought someone else had visited my pc.
Anyway, a sudden light bulb appeared above my head, and i went into windows security center. There it was, a message about a suspicious app with suspicious activity...

Here is a screenshot of the report.

This is me just reporting this incident, it might be of help to you, a developer? or someone else who might experience the same.

Anyway, I will continue to love Tixati.

Good bye
by janet on 2021/03/23 12:34:24 PM    
Tixati has NO spyware or adware.

It has been flagged as PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) by Microsoft's Windows Defender only because Tixati is a torrent client. Other torrent clients have also been flagged as PUA by Microsoft's Windows Defender just for being torrent clients.

Here is more information:
by twm on 2021/03/24 01:03:01 PM    
Is it not a simple matter of whitelisting the app?
by Guest on 2021/03/25 07:35:26 AM    
Yes but it does have to be reinstalled. Settings were kept fine for me.
by Guest on 2021/04/03 08:28:29 AM    
Same experience. Windows even uninstalled it good thing I didn't lose my downloads. Anyway, found a workaround. I am able to launch the 32 bit portable Tixati and able to complete downloads with it. The 64 bit still gets blocked. HTH
by Guest on 2021/04/03 08:39:10 AM    
Microsoft said (  )
PUAs are not considered malware. Microsoft uses specific categories and the category definitions to classify software as a PUA.
Torrent software (Enterprise only): Software that is used to create or download torrents or other files specifically used with peer-to-peer file-sharing technologies.

I wonder what percentage of the Windows torrenters are not using Windows Enterprise editions.

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