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PC Power Control Feature Suggestion

by Guest on 2013/07/31 07:27:28 PM    
One of the only reasons I still sometimes use uTorrent rather than Tixati is the former's ability to Shutdown/Reboot/Suspend the PC when all downloads are complete.  Would you consider adding similar functionality to Tixati?  Thanks.
by Fangz on 2013/08/01 06:20:47 AM    
The scheduler function can satisfy some of your needs.  Enable it in settings, and then configure it from the scheduler icon on the top line.
by Guest on 2013/08/01 12:16:00 PM    
This feature is already implemented.  If you right click on the Tixati icon in your taskbar, you can select auto shutdown options for when the downloads complete.  There are several different options there.
by Pete on 2013/08/01 02:57:26 PM    
Have you tried Auto-Shutdown functionality? Right click tray icon to display Auto-Shutdown menu.
by EvilLivesHere on 2013/08/01 10:13:16 PM    
You can right click on the Tixati icon in the taskbar and tell it to auto shutdown when the torrents are done.

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