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[Feature Request] Support for BTT (BitTorrent Token)

by Guest on 2021/03/22 02:50:57 AM    
Newer versions of BitTorrent and uTorrent now support accumulating and trading BTT.  See:

If this could somehow be integrated into Tixati, that would be amazing.  I know one of the main draws you have on your download page is that Tixati doesn't hijack CPU to mine bitcoin but this should be very non-intrusive and doesn't use any additional resources from my understanding.  Also, it would have to be disabled by default, then enabled since you have to create a wallet to send/receive BTT.

I'd also love to see an option where you could allocate a percentage of BTT to the Tixati developers so that you guy(s?) are paid for the work you put into it. :)  Would give me a nice way to support by simply using the software.

I'd also love to hear community feedback on whether they think this is a good idea.  Particularly from people who have more experience with the BTT system.

Thanks. :)
by Guest on 2021/04/04 09:07:31 PM    
That's a very good idea! Hope to see a response from the devs
by notaLamer on 2021/04/05 11:12:46 PM    
Unusual tone for me: You actually don't want this shit. Most importantly for the legal implication of: 'this action constituted a financial incentive, the actor gained profit from his actions'

But hey hey I can earn money online with this!
BTT Token Issuance
We will create a total supply of 990,000,000,000 BTT. Issued tokens will be distributed in thefollowing proportion:
●Public sale tokens constitute 6% of total token supply
●Private sale tokens constitute 2% of total token supply
●Seed sale tokens constitute 9% of the total token supply (?)

●Tron airdrop tokens constitute 10.1% of total token supply, to be spread out over the next six years
●BitTorrent protocol airdrop tokens constitute 10% of total token supply

BitTorrent Team and the BitTorrent Foundation were allocated 19% of total token supply
TRON Foundation received 20% of the total token supply
●BitTorrent ecosystem is allocated 19.9% of the total token supply (?)
Partnership tokens constitute 4% of the total token supply
40% of tokens are belong to us (  pages 17-18)

PS: They haven't explained what each one of those bulletpoints really means. How will drops work? What are TRON vs Bittorrent air drops? etc

Tho lets assume the positive scenario where Tixati constitutes 1% of the BT ecosystem and users will generate 0.1% (of that 1%) in tokens (because server farms competition) and of those users only 5% will be willing to donate anything:
990000000000 * 0.1(BT protocol airdrop) * 0.01(Tixati user) * 0.0001(user's rewarded bandwidth) * 0.05(donate) = 4950 Tokens. No, I didn't fudge with the numbers beyond the initial thought experiment.
Trust me, the average Tixati user maybe more advanced but they seed no longer than the average uTorrent user. uTorrent enjoys over 60% market share. If you want this token so much, seed downloaded torrents with uTorrent/BitTorrent clients? We will see in 2 years if it turns out alright or not.

I'm here to tell you again: you don't want this. For a decentralized storage they present on the same page, I agree with that idea. But transfers? Hell no.

This system will attract way more kinds of shenanigans. Talking to a client that does not support this system? People will start ignoring these peers. Prioritizing BTT-enabled clients at all cost. I'm sure people will come up with more ways to force themselves into the system to gain more 'effective' bandwidth.
The end game of all this? Each single byte will cost you tokens to download. There'll be little to no peers left to do it for free. Just like today it's impossible to get a Bitcoin blockchain through without waiting for days. Want it fast? Pay. Look up the transaction rates (not between exchange accounts), you will be mildly surprised. And just like today swarms (effectively) die because no one's left to seed (for free).

They present the initial formula on page 9:
Automatic bidding:
bid = spending rate × remaining balance in BTT) / (remaining download in kilobytes)

Instead of the seed distributing rarest-first (esp. Super Seeding mode), the first seeder's best way forward: upload 99% of unique pieces, witholding the last few. Then during the final phase (when all peers have caught up), their bidding will be at the maximum value. To cash in on the 99% leechers, you will distribute the remaining pieces simultaneously to all of them, getting all of their max. bid rewards, leaving no chance for them to cross-seed between themselves.

Enjoy this system if you decide to embrace it.

If you want to thank the developer, the donate button already exists :)
by notaLamer on 2021/04/06 01:01:14 PM    
Edit: I made a mistake in my calculations above. '0.0001(user's rewarded bandwidth)' must've been '0.001' a factor of 10. Anywhere between 5000 and 50k BTT then (best case). But I stand by my point.

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