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[Possible Bug] Tixati 2.81 - Not rotating dead or stalled downlo

by Guest on 2021/03/21 06:35:30 PM    
Hi Tixati Team,

I have a problem with "dead" downloads jamming my queue when I know other downloads are popular and should complete. But the Download queue doesn't seem to rotate like a pack of cards putting dead ones to the back of the queue again for another time.

I have added approx 400 Magnet links to my queue. Most stuff is rare so might only have a handful of seeders. About 80% have downloaded metadata from a peer. 20% are hash-links waiting for a possible seeder. I am not always expecting one.

I have 12 DL Slots
I have 05 UL Slots
Auto Managed (Yes+Yes)

Yet I am "seeding" (44)
Standby Seeding (222)
Downloading (12)
Queued (142)

I think the SEEDING algorithm is almost perfect. Although some Seeds only queued and removed after 45 seconds. I changed the "25" from here to 60, but I think 180 will be better (enough time to check DHT etc)

With my settings modified it is rotating "9 Seeding" every 1 minute.
This is DEFINITELY the action we need to be seeing. (Regardless of Bandwidth button status)

I think the DOWNLOAD algorithm is not working AT ALL in Tixati. Not good at all.

Reading the codepage it seems this is ENTIRELY based on download bandwidth button being selected "ON" (highlighted) This is not going to be obvious to some people. I don't bother setting bandwidth limits on my connection.

As soon as I enabled the DL BANDWIDTH button it showed this in the logs

ONE download added (NOT ROTATED) every ~4 minutes like this:
[17:03:12]  downloading initiated >
[17:07:16]  downloading initiated >
[17:11:26]  downloading initiated >

This causes the Download queue to grow (from launch 12 Slots) Adding 1 more until hitting ~40.

So where does "40" come from?

Seemingly from "max" here

dlslots/1000 min max
maxextraslots=[2500 8 40]


With Auto Managed OFF, Tixati obeys my user defined slots
With Auto Managed ON, Bandwidth OFF, Tixati ends up with
With Auto Managed ON, DL Bandwith ON, the Downloads start at 12, then increase +1 every two minutes until reaches Downloads=40

I have 40 "hash-links" and/or stuck downloads which jams my queue up. Nothing rotates. No incoming traffic and wastes all day sitting there not being proactive.

I can't seem to find a way to rotate these downloads. The uploads are managed magnificently in comparison.

Please can Tixati Dev test this or does anyone know?

Out-of-the-box, these settings should be FULLY AUTOMATIC regardless of bandwidth buttons.
The download and seeding should always rotate otherwise this application is pointless...
Right now I can add 1000 popular downloads but none still start when the dead downloads or hash links are jamming the queue.

If I turn off the "hash-link" or stalled downloads the Queued (blue) goes Download (green) and starts downloading fast.

This application formula for Download management is definitely not right. It is unusable for me. But Tixati is my favourite client and this really needs fixing.

Thanks so much for developing this. I will happily donate again if this is fixed.

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