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Keep track of a torrent's unique seeders

by txmx on 2021/03/12 10:23:58 AM    
I am seeding several rare torrents in which typically I am the only seeder, and are infrequently downloaded. However every once in a while I see that another seeder shows up for a while and disappears.

Is there any automated way to document a torrent's unique seeders? I'd love a little stat that tells me something like:
x unique seeders observed in the last x amount of time, connected during x amount of time

I think it'd be really useful for estimating the health of rare torrents outside of my own activities.
by notaLamer on 2021/03/12 06:24:42 PM    
I see that another seeder shows up for a while and disappears.
It's fine if they're genuine, but those can be surveillance/tracking nodes who lie about their status.
Besides you say that you're pretty much the only seeder. You can't rely on the spurious other person to jump in place if you happened to delete the torrent.
On the other hand it would just be a pretty number to look at: last date a full seed/finished leech appeared.
by txmx on 2021/03/13 09:46:42 AM    
Maybe true, I understand the point.

I am not the original uploader/seed for any of them so I do know true seeders exist besides me. It's how I myself obtained the torrents, even though in some occasions it took much waiting. Also knowing the content and age, surveillance is likely to not be of much value to anyone except perhaps to some torrent archivists or researchers.

Yes it's a pretty set of numbers nothing to be relied on but it could be useful stat for mere consideration amongst others. Not simply last date one appeared. Instead n time observed seeding by n unique IPs seeding in n-n range. 3 unique values in the set. It would be a log point on enter / exit from swarm for users saying they are seeding.

As a lover of statistics, it is only an idea of a specific data I would enjoy to see. I appreciate pretty numbers and also know not to trust any statistic 100% as well, as all should know of course. But many metrics are important together in studies of data.
by Guest on 2021/03/23 02:04:34 PM    
Hi txmx,

I am like you, I prefer seeding old torrents too.

What you can do is stop the torrent, (Right-Hand Click over the transfer > local files > Open Folder) then create a new folder, move the files in there?
Then turn on the torrent again and maybe force-recheck see if any seeders download to you?

Then restore by copying and over-writing back. Be careful or make a backup elsewhere if it's your only version of these files.

I have requested features on Tixati to deal with these Surveillance nodes they are pretty easy to spot when you know what to look for.

I too enjoy the stats/figures of this and find it intriguing. If Tixati devs kindly implement some of these features it would be great for rare ones.

With the rare ones I have documentary stuff which I've found on a 10 year old hard disk, found the torrent, loaded it, copied files in, force recheck and went to 100% - It's good fun!

Would be nice to know who appreciates this stuff. I mean if it said March 2021 people from these 7 countries downloaded on these days.
We all love a torrent that finishes after taking weeks coming in at a trickle. Half the fun really I suppose...
by Guest on 2021/04/03 06:57:10 PM    
Sorry, I am naive and this " With the rare ones I have documentary stuff which I've found on a 10 year old hard disk, found the torrent, loaded it, copied files in, force recheck and went to 100% - It's good fun!" way over my head.

If I understand you well, you are found the documentary, the material and the 10-year drive and put it on the net and was curious to know how many users follow your content to derive statistics? Is my assumption right?

If so, shouldn't you track peers to see the trends /statistics you are after? There is always one seed, which is you until users downloaded your stuff and started to seed?
by Guest on 2021/04/04 09:06:16 AM    
Hello  Guest from '2021/04/03 06:57:10 PM'

Thanks for your message,

Yes, I find old files and copy them to tixati download folder, then drag-drop the .torrent on tixati and it says "files found" click ok, it checks them to 100% and starts seeding. Quite simple.

I am not "tracking users" on a surveillance level, if you find Tixati menus you can activate RATIO header to see how many copies you "seed"

TIXATI > LAYOUT (button) > 'Select Columns...' > 'UL Ratio' (Check this box)
back to TRANSFERS screen. Then you see this in the column/headers:

Lets say we added 4 torrents (and wait some hours/days/weeks)

< 0.001
< 0.001
< 2.943
< 0.001

This means I've seeded 3 copies of the documentary and maybe the peers exchanged some data between themselves too. Which explains why it isn't 3.00 exactly.

The 0.001 UL Ratio means nobody wanted it (yet...)

If you happen to be sat at your computer when somebody downloads your rare torrent you can see the country flag ie Malaysia, New Zealand, so at least somebody appreciated my efforts.

Sorry if the info was not clear, but I would guess you understood pretty well.

If you need me to help you please ask? I am happy to help you. Thanks

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