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download stops at 99%

by Guest on 2021/02/14 03:36:09 AM    
Twice now, on two different torrents, the download has stopped at 99%, both times with one packet left to download. The connections still seem to be active, but it's just sitting there. The second torrent was 11.7 gigs, and it has downloaded all but 2 megs of it, but won't finish.

I just updated to the most recent version (2.81) but that didn't change the problem.

What am I doing wrong?
by xprog on 2021/02/14 03:51:08 PM    
When you look at the peers tab of the torrent, do you any peers at 100% completed? If everyone else is 99% the torrent just isn't complete in the swarm.
If you do see other 100% peers but you are stuck at 99% I would try pausing the torrent, right clicking on it and choose 'local files', 'force check', let the torrent recheck the local files then start it again see if it completes.
by Guest on 2021/02/17 11:12:25 AM    
Thanks for the response. I'll give that a try if the problem comes up again. I finally gave up on the torrent for this one; it was a full season of a tv show, and every file but one had finished, so I just cancelled the torrent and downloaded that one file elsewhere. It was just curious, because it happened to two torrents in a row, the same problem, which made me think I'd run up against some kind of paywall limitation in Tixati or something. Glad to know it's not that.

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