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Losing data if copying a file from a seeding torrent

by loninappleton on 2021/02/13 02:45:48 PM    
This problem has bothered me for a while.  I didn't know how to error check it.
But the best I can describe is: my torrent's content file loses data and goes to 99%
and produces a file missing error.

The only action done that I recall from any of these is copying a short text file
from the active and seeding torrent folder and then I see the file missing error with
the content file at 99%.  I  don't catch these in the moment because copying that
text file may happen days removed from creating the torrent.
by kisgyerek on 2021/02/14 02:31:47 PM    
Under copying, do you mean moving? In other words, do you delete the txt file in the torrent's folder?

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