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Need Api

by dk2142 on 2021/02/13 07:55:40 PM    
I need help. I need a remote program management system - API.
by notaLamer on 2021/02/15 12:27:34 PM    
You can work around this by using the Web interface of Tixati. If you really need an advanced API I think Tixati is not the right choice.
by dk2142 on 2021/02/20 04:15:32 PM    
I'm one of seeders who seeding big number of unpopular content on some trackers. Your client seems convenient for seeding 1000+ torrents. But I don't see any HTTP API or anything like that to control it remotely (listing/starting/stopping/adding torrents and so on).
by Guest on 2021/02/23 03:16:35 PM    
Firefox plugin Torrent Control can solve your problem?
by Guest on 2021/02/23 09:23:15 PM    
Hi there!

I already wrote about this earlier.

With such advanced functionality and convenience, tixati absolutely cannot do two things: run as server mode without a gui, and command processing of the database via the CLI is impossible.

I can't even do a trivial thing - move torrents on a given path to another location. And other group action. We have to dodge in the GUI, where there is no such function using strange methods.

For example: There is a folder /Horror containing subdirectories:
And there are various torrents sorted into these directories. Do you think you already know what it is about?

To move whole /Horror directory to a new location wich subdirectories, you have to  some routine:

manually create new directories /Horror/poe in new location,
individually move subdirectories /poe from old to new location
find them "offline" in Tixati, select all and specify their new location, megre,
then start, possibly with a "force check".

And so with EVERY subdirectories /hpl /vamp and more others... WITH EVERY! Manual thankless labor.

And if you had tixati CLI, I would just change the path of all hands in ONE LINE! For instance:

tixati --torrents all --changepath /from/dir /to/dir

--torrents all is an object selection for the operation
--changepath - change all paths according to the given patterns.

And every time when I have a need to change paths, I feel pain that I cannot direct comamnd to the database, that there are no tools. Developers! Do this, or simply open the database format, and we ourselves will write the toolkit for our needs.

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