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is there a way to filter out duplicates from multiple sub groups

by Kage on 2021/02/09 11:32:19 PM    
i've set up an RSS with 3 sub groups as they mostly cover different stuff and have intermittent releases as the main one is having some issues and ceased functionality for a while, but there is some over lap and I'm wanting to know if i can automatically make tixati ignore files i already have even if they don't have the exact same title such as

Random TV Show - 04 [1080p].mkv
Random TV Show - 04 (1080p).mkv

these are practically the same file so i don't need the second
by Kage on 2021/02/11 11:17:29 PM    
just noticed that it didn't carry over the sub groups because of the square brackets
the are
erai raws
subs please

just pretend that's in front of the prior examples

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